30 Research Topics on Technology with Paper Writing Guide

Although there is no magic formula for writing any paper, there are helpful tips that can make the process much easier. It is usually a question of if you can manage your time and research materials efficiently. Or how good you are at researching and general writing.

The same goes for technology research papers. In this article, we’ll give you essential tips that can serve as a general guide for writing technology-related topics.

You’ll understand what goes into the writing process and how to outline typical research paper sections. Lastly, we’ll also provide you with 30 impressive technology research topics to help you write your paper.

What is a technology research paper?

Let’s start by explaining what kind of academic work a technology paper is and how it should be prepared.

A technology research paper is a lengthy piece of work where students conduct research, writing, and reading related to a technological topic or study. They are usually required to formulate a straightforward research question, study a large number of primary and secondary sources and come up with a report on the subject.

How to write a technology research paper

In writing research topics in technology, you must be constantly aware of technological development. Therefore, technology research papers can be pretty tricky because there are regular advancements, and as such, a good topic can quickly become irrelevant.

On the flip side, many new subjects and topics are added to technology research every year, making it easy for you to get one.

Research topics in technology usually answer technology research questions. Below are steps you can follow to write a good technology research paper.

  • Choose an interesting topic

There are several research topics on technology advancements. But, first, you should pick a topic that you are comfortable with and that piques your interest. With this, you will likely enjoy the writing process and set up a decent paper.

  • Do diligent research

Even if your chosen topic is very familiar to you, you need to do background reading and research to get a better understanding of it. For example, you can read encyclopedias and new tech articles and monitor tech events to get relevant information.

  • Make an outline

After choosing a technology topic and doing your research, you need an outline. You start by creating a solid thesis statement that’ll rely upon the subject of your technology research paper and your investigative approach. Then map out how the body, findings analysis, and conclusion will turn out. It will guide your writing by helping you stay focused on the main point of your paper.

  • Write the final paper

After going through these steps, you’re finally ready to write your technology research paper. You can start with the introduction, then the body, before your conclusion. This way, you have a uniform sequence of information around the entire paper. Technology research papers are easier to write when they are focused on answering technology research questions.

Research topics on technology

We understand how difficult it may be to write about technology, especially considering the fast technological evolution of this age. Hence, we have provided diverse topics that you can quickly write about.

Simple technology topics to write about

Not sure what topic to choose for your technology research paper? Below are some simple technology topics to write about.

  1. Developing effective fertility technology
  2. The problems of genetically modified food technologies
  3. The evolution of machine learning technology
  4. Assessing the technological divide between nations
  5. Similarities between the human brain and computer technology
  6. Evolution of genetic testing

Information technology research topics

Below are some information technology related topics you can use for your technology research paper:

  1. Is technology worsening climate change?
  2. Digital or traditional books for learning: a study on efficiency
  3. How do we gauge artificial intelligence?
  4. Has the Internet created less value for traditional intelligence?
  5. The value of ICT in developing countries
  6. Understanding ICT: the highs and lows

Interesting technology topics

Looking for exciting and engaging technology research topics? Here are some below:

  1. Technology’s future impact on the global economy
  2. How can technology assist in predicting future health problems?
  3. The benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology
  4. What are the most important technologies ever created?
  5. Has social media impacted technology positively or negatively?
  6. Advantages of government-controlled Internet access

Science and technology research topics

If you’re more interested in science and technology, here are some research topics to match:

  1. Advantages of online education in the technology space
  2. Internet and censorship: pros and cons
  3. The birth of digital tools and their future
  4. Examining the relationship between new technology development increased negative behavior
  5. How will technology change our lives after a century?
  6. What are the current limitations of space technology?

Medical technology research paper topics

Below are some medical technology research topics you can choose from:

  1. Who or what determines the scope of medical research?
  2. The technology of DNA testing and its impact on divorce rates
  3. Technological solutions to terminal diseases like cancer
  4. Advantages of improved medical technology in childbirth
  5. Plastic surgeries and the technology behind their abuse
  6. The future of DNA sequencing technology


Technology research papers require much more extensive research than most other fields. To start, you will have to choose a relevant topic and conduct up-to-date research. However, by following the tips provided and some of the topic examples, you should be able to craft a solid technology research paper.

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